Friday, 19 February 2016

February 2016 - First entry of the year surprisingly!

Well been over two months since my last entry and my first one for this year too. So may be I should wish everyone a belated Happy New Year and things are working out as expected? 

Looking back over the last two months, there has not been much going on to be honest. Christmas and New year periods, always quiet for me therefore this was no exception as no outings and work taking up any slack anyway. Well working in retail, it should be no surprise. Likewise, with the weather has generally been, wet, mild and miserable, it don’t exactly inspire you to get out either. However, I’ve manage to get out on 3 occasions, with two visits to Manchester and one to Chester too. The latter, I met my sister first for a nice meal, and a catch up chat on all things, family, work and the world! I had plans for a couple of outings over the last two weeks but they were cancelled due to me getting a virus while I was on a week’s holiday from work, which is just typical I suppose and also cause me to be off for a few more days when I was suppose to return to work. Although, I’m still not 100%, I’m now forcing myself to go back to work on the basis I may recover quicker - mmmm reverse mental thinking perhaps? Part of this thinking, is I wish to get out in the next week and hoping this will do the trick, getting back to normal. 

I did have plans to visit Wigs R Us in Southport as I am in need of a replacement wig for my old faithful but favourite wig as it is now well past it’s sell by date and far beyond of being rescued, restyled and recut for further use. However this appointment was cancelled, as the original intention that M.R. would come with her special friend for afternoon visit to Southport. But unknown to me, probably I made an assumption, that I thought M.R. was aware of this and happy to come too. I must admit, it did come as a surprise to me that M.R. did not want to go with her special friend but thought I would still be going anyway and have afternoon together. Fair enough but it did defeat the object of the exercise, so I decided to cancel and re-arrange on my own for end of February instead. I must admit, I was a little confused as M.R. had stated that she is not always part of KD’s life but in this instance, I was attempting to include M.R. as thinking it would be a nice afternoon but how wrong I was sadly. Must need to try harder but I’m not sure how in the circumstances which I find is a shame. May be it is me who cannot accept that M.R. (understandably) does not want to be part of it and just wants the other “me”? 

Looking at the rest of the year, still no firm plans for Sparkle weekend as currently hotel prices are very silly indeed and my usual location to stay is not taking bookings due to change of management. Unlike a lot of girls, I don’t have a bottomless pit for money and must remain within a budget for that weekend including meals, drinks etc. So to have my budget taken up by the cost of a hotel room, just makes the rest of the weekend a none event as I don’t have any money! Some have suggested, try sharing, yes that is easy said than done in practice but, first who with and is it at reasonable cost too? Likewise, with my experience’s of Leeds First Friday were people have let me down, I am very reluctant for me to make the booking either. The alternative is I suppose is a day visit (Saturday) but that is not the same and also presents another set of problems to overcome which I could do without. So I am in a Catch 22 situation but hopefully something will change in the next few months and I am able to go for the weekend?

Likewise, still no plans for visiting Leeds First Friday either unless some one offers to share and make the booking but realistically, that not going to happen. My main problem that many of my friends are still liable for one off meets per year due to distance involved or they continue to drift in and out of the scene so to speak because of their personal circumstances. In consequence, they think I am always going to be there which is true to a certain extent but in reality it’s no good to me, because it don’t help me at a personal level. This continues to be an internal battle in my head but I wish some of my friends just have a little more consideration for other people when they drift in and out of the scene. 

On the wardrobe front, I have now a good choice of dresses which has taken a while to overcome. One way or another as some women who are fully aware, your top and bottom sizes are not always the same and therefore a same size dress does not always fit you as intended, more often than not, bigger at the waist then at the breast size. I have suffered that particular problem but by trial and error, finally got a good selection of dresses that I’m able to wear comfortably. Only taken me over 10 years to get there! 

Also please to hear that my friend Sue (London) seems to be finally getting somewhere with her facial skin problems and things now seem to be more optimistic than they were use to be. Finally it seems there is some good light at the end of the tunnel, may be not too long before “normal” services resumes and Sue is out and about again soon. Fingers cross for you. 

So on that happy note, I now finish this entry for the time being.

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